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Rhythm 'n' Steps

Dance Academy

Rhythm 'n' Steps Dance Academy offers classes for dancers from young children through to teenagers and adults. The youngest children begin by experiencing classes that celebrate the joy of creative movement. Later classes build on this love of dance while introducing more advanced techniques in carefully sequenced stages.

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Helen Anderson







New Zealand born Helen Anderson started her journey into the magnificent world of dance at the tender age of 4 years old.

Helen attended the prestigious South Auckland Ballet Academy under the strict guidance of Valerie Murray up to the age of 17. She then was accepted into the New Zealand School of Dance in Wellington, gaining a Diploma in Classical Ballet. She danced with the Royal New Zealand Ballet during her time there as a guest student dancer.​

Helen then headed overseas to Melbourne, Australia where she completed a BA in Dance at the Victorian College of the Arts, touring extensively while she was with the company.​

When Helen returned to New Zealand in 1990 she joined the Northern Ballet Company and Company Z. She free-lanced as a teacher and model for some time, gaining an insight into the direction that was needed in dance instruction in Auckland at that time. During this period Helen also gained a Diploma in Sports Studies and gained her Royal Academy of Dance teachers’ qualifications.​

Helen’s broad experiences in professional dance, combined with her teaching qualifications, inform her knowledgeable and passionate approach to dance instruction.​

In 1995 Helen established Rhythm n Steps Dance Academy and has watched it grow into a very successful and dynamic dance academy with many talented students. In May 2012, Rhythm n Steps Dance Academy moved into its own purpose-built dance studios, brilliantly designed and built by Robert Hedington.

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We nurture the love of dance and enjoyment in developing creative expression, fitness, strength,

grace and technique


We provide a fun and trusting environment for dancers

to grow in skill and confidence


We promote safe dance techniques based

on sports medicine


We have high expectations of our dancers and empower them to achieve their goals


We believe that students also develop positive self esteem, great friendships and the ability to work successfully with others through dance.

My daughter danced at Rhythm n Steps for 15 years and loved her time there. She was given the opportunity to compete successfully in both solo and group competitions. Helen is professional, caring and supportive of all her students and always has their best interests at heart. Our daughters dancing years has seen her develop many wonderful attributes which have helped her succeed in her chosen profession. She is still involved in the Academy and enjoys every minute she is there and has a great respect for Helen. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Helen and Rhythm n Steps to any parent looking at starting their dancing journey."

- Annmarie Bourne



Studio One

4.00. APDA Jazz Addict Junior Jazz Level 3.

4.45. APDA Encore Theatre Dance Level 2.

5.15. APDA Lucidity Level 6.

6.15. APDA Encore Theatre Dance Level 4.

7.00. APDA Lucidity Level. 9.

8.00. APDA Encore Theatre Dance Level 9.

8.45. FINISH.

Studio Two

4.00 onwards One on One Lessons.


Studio One

4.00. APDA Junior Ballet Level 2.

4.45. APDA Encore Theatre Dance Level 2.

5.15. APDA Ballet Elementary Level 2.

6.30. APDA Encore Theatre Dance Level 4.

7.00. APDA Intermediate Ballet Level 2.

8.15. APDA Encore Theatre Dance Level 9.

9.00. FINISH.

Studio Two

4.00. RAD Grade 3 Ballet.

4.45. RAD Primary Ballet.

5.45. RAD Grade 4 Ballet.

6.30. APDA Intermediate Pointe Level 3.

7.00. APDA Intermediate Pointe Level 2.

8.15  Adult / Teen Salsa Vibes

9.00. FINISH.


Studio One

4.15.APDA Urban Ignition Level 3.

5.00. APDA Urban Ignition Level 6.

5.45. APDA Urban Ignition Level 8.

6.30. APDA Jazz Addict Advanced 1.

8.30. FINISH.

Studio Two

4.00 onwards One on One Lessons.


Studio One

4.15. APDA Lucidity Level 4.

4.45. APDA Jazz Addict Elementary Jazz 2.

5.45. APDA Lucidity Level 6.

6.45. Progressing Ballet Technique Seniors.

6.45-7.45 Adult / Teen Lyrical Lines

7.30. One on One Lessons.

9.00. FINISH.

Studio Two

3.45. RAD Primary Ballet.

4.45. RAD Grade 3 Ballet.

5.30. Progressing Ballet Technique Juniors

5.45. RAD Grade 4 Ballet.

6.45. One on One Lessons.

7.30. Ballet Tone

8.30. FINISH.


Studio One

4.00. One on One Lessons.


Studio One

9.00. APDA Ballet Primary Level 2.

9.45. APDA Encore Theatre Dance Beginners.

10.15. APDA Jazz Addict Primary level 2.

11.00. APDA Encore Theatre Dance Level 1.

11.30. APDA Ballet Junior Level 2.

12.15. APDA Tap Evolution Level 1 - Beginners.

1.00. FINISH.

Studio Two

9.00. APDA Ballet Primary Level 1.

9.45. RnS Fairy Magic Dance - Beginners.

10.15. APDA Urban Ignition Level 2.

11.00. APDA Jazz Addict Primary Level 1 - Beginner.

11.30. APDA Tap Evolution Level 2.

12.15. RnS Kinder Magic Dance.

1.00. FINISH.



12.30. Titirangi Primary School Ballet.

1.00. Kaurilands Primary School Jazz Hop.

1.00. Greenbay School Ballet.


12.30. Woodlands Park School Jazz Hop.


12.30. Lainghom Primary School Jazz

1.00. Greenbay School Jazz Hop.


12.30. Titirangi Primary School Jazz Hop.

1.00. Pt Chevalier School Jazz Hop.


1.00. Kaurilands Primary School Jazz Hop.

1.00.Oratia District School

School Lunchtime class inquiries:

[email protected]

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Dancing is living... live to dance!


The Asia Pacific Dance Association (APDA) is at the forefront of international dance education. APDA has a repertoire of six dance syllabi - JazzAddict, Urban Ignition, Lucidity, La Beauté Ballet, Tap Evolution and Encore Theatre Dance.


A primary focus of Rhythm 'n' Steps is ballet instruction.

Rhythm 'n' Steps is one of the few academies in wider Auckland that follows the internationally recognised Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus in ballet and offers graded and vocational examinations from the age of five.

Dancers completing RAD examinations can be assured that their grades are of international standing.

Other Services

Helen Anderson – Principal of Rhythm n Steps Dance Academy Is available for the following services:

- Adjudicating Nationally and Internationally.

- Guest Teaching at Seminars.

- Choreographing Solos, Groups and Productions.

- Choreography for Modeling Events.

- Choreography for Body Sculpting and Body Building events.

- Choreography for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary School Productions.

- Choreography for Stage Challenge Events.

- Personal Training one on one for sport performance, endurance training or body sculpting.

- First dances choreographed for bridal parties.

I have three daughters who are in classes with the studio now. We started over 5 years ago. All started with the little fairy ballet class. My third has just started and she is loving it. So many foundation skills learnt in such a fun way. My girls have made amazing friendship and developed strong relationship with their teachers. To see them go into a fairy class by themselves with those first lessons and then sit exams has been amazing. Developing life skills in such a supportive environment. Helen’s dedication and support is incredible. Who would have thought a fun little fairy class would have resulted into confident little ballerinas sitting exams and loving it!"

- Paula Dron


Fairy Ballerina Dance 2+ years

Designed and crafted by the talented Helen Anderson and is a 30 minute session of pure magic! 

Swirling, twirling and lots of props for the little ones to develop their imagination with basic dance exercises to build strength

and co ordination. Dress up to your hearts content and let the dance begin! See you there soon beautiful ballerinas!! 

Class size limited to max 15 students.

Kinder Magic Dance 3+ years

Designed and crafted by the talented Helen Anderson. 

A 45 minute session developing self expression, musicality and body control in a caring environment. 

The next step on from RnS Fairy Ballerina Dance. You may wish to keep their fancy dress, or move to the

uniform if it makes choosing your wardrobe easier!!! Classes fill fast and space is limited to a max of 15 students.

Ballet – Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)

The Academy follows the Graded and Vocational examinations of the RAD. This is a world renowned syllabus and allows

students from the age of 5 to start taking part in examinations. Pointe work as part of the Vocational syllabus is taught to every student.

Swiss Ball Body Core

Is compulsory for every student from grade 1 upwards to help develop strength and flexibility from an early age and an understanding of their body anatomy for dance. A specially designed programme by Helen Anderson.

We are a registered studio with APDA and provide the Syllabus for these styles of dance to start

taking part in examinations and Awards. 

Competition Work / Dance Squad 

There is opportunity for solo and group competition work, available to those students who excel and show determination in their dance training. Students learn specifically choreographed dances and dance in custom made costumes and attend private

lessons to perfect their dances and compete nationally.

Adult Dance Classes

We offer the following Adult and Teen Classes

Tuesday 8.15 - 9.00 Salsa Vibes with Kristel.

Thursday 7.30-8.30 Ballet Tone with Katherine.

Thursday 6.45-7.45 Lyrical Lines with Lana.

A yoga mat is essential and classes run on a concession card basis

$150 per term


$20 casual class fee.

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Helen Anderson puts her heart and soul into teaching not only one of the hardest forms of performing arts but also a life skill of self discipline and physical development. Her dedication to her students shine through everything she does. We became part of a family who support each other through good times and hard times. I have made the most wonderful friends here with other mums. My daughters have gained confidence and improved their focus. If you are willing to put in the hard work you can achieve amazing things and Helen and her team of excellent teachers embody this. Thank you!"

- Wiona van Huyssteen


The Asia Pacific Dance Association (APDA) is at the forefront of international dance education. APDA has a repertoire of six dance syllabi - JazzAddictUrban IgnitionLucidityLa Beauté BalletTap Evolution and Encore Theatre Dance.

Read more on their website https://www.asiapacificdanceassociation.co.nz/

RAD Ballet Guidelines for Class Levels

Pre Primary – 5 years – exam can be with teacher assistance.

Primary – 6 years – exam can be with teacher assistance. Grade One – 7 years.

Grade Two – 8 years.

Grade Three – 9 years.

Grade Four – 10 years.

Grade Five – 11 years.

Grade Six, Seven and Eight – 12 years up.

Intermediate Foundation – 11 years.

Intermediate – 12 years.

Advanced Foundation – 13 years.

Advanced One – 14 years.

Advanced Two – 15 years.

Solo Seal – 16 years

Imaginative and inspiring dance classes for our girls. Helen is dedicated, passionate and encouraging. We have made some wonderful friends and we are loving being a part of the magical world that is Rhythm and Steps. Thank you Helen and team for all that you do xxx"

- Emma-Jane Cooper

We have been with Rhythm n Steps for 8 years, both my daughters started when they were 3. They have thrived and done immensely well in their exams. They love going and we feel part of a family. Helen is dedicated, passionate and so creative. She pours so much love and extra hours into both the studio and the dancers especially around exam and show time. The shows are a highlight, I love being involved as a parent."

- Heather Ruddy


The magic of the Academy lies with the directors and teachers who teach with pure passion, and its students who embrace the spirit, energy and grace of dance in its many forms.

Ms Helen Anderson


Mrs Katherine

Titirangi School Lunchtime Ballet and Ballet

Miss Kristel

Ballet, Jazz Hop, Tap and Jazz

Miss Lana

Lunchtime School Jazz, Grade 4 Jazz, Competition Team

Ms Arini

Hip Hop and Jazz


Studio address:

200 West Coast Rd,

Glen Eden (Opposite the railway station)​

Postal address:

PO Box 60185

Titirangi Auckland 0642

Kym ​0272647287

[email protected]