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Rhythm 'n' Steps

Dance Academy


Enrolment at the Rhythm n Steps Dance Academy is contingent upon your understanding and agreement to follow the listed procedures:

Contact Details – We must have current details for every student. Please keep us updated if your details change. 

Watching of Classes – Is done in our Observation Room via the in built Studio Camera System.​

Student Uniform – Students are to observe the wearing of the exact uniform. This will be advised upon enrolment.​

Courtesy – Class courtesy and discipline will be maintained at all times. We work in a safe and caring dance environment and we all respect each other – Teachers, Parents and Students. ​

Dismissal – Rhythm n Steps may dismiss any student (parent/ family member) who breaches any of the listed enrollment conditions, damages property or disrupts classes. ​​

Communication – Parents with concerns need to direct all questions directly to Ms. Anderson in a civil manner. Either via email or telephone. Not during, or at the end of classes, thank you.

Under no circumstances are teachers of the Academy to be approached, all communication should be directed to Ms. Anderson.​​

Payment of Fees

1) All fees are paid prior to the commencement of each term, this secures your child’s enrollment at the Academy.  

2) Part Payment options can be tailor made to suit families but this must be discussed with the academy in plenty of time for the options to be made available. Part payments will incur a $20.00 admin fee. 

3) After term commencement, no refunds will be issued. Fees are for term enrolment, not number of classes attended. 

4) Unpaid fees will be placed in the hands of a debt collecting agency and you will be liable for any additional costs incurred. 

Injury and Safety Procedures

1) If a child has an injury or medical condition it is the parents/guardians responsibility to inform us of this. 

2) All Rhythm n Steps classes are taught in a safe learning environment but it should be recognised by all that dance carries a risk of injury or accident. RnS and its teachers will not be held responsible for any injury - should it occur during classes, rehearsals or performances.

3) Students of Rhythm n Steps are only under supervision whilst in class time. We provide a safe environment but we will not be responsible for students (or siblings) outside their allocated lesson time.            

4) Dance is a physical form of exercise, and it is sometimes necessary for the teacher to engage in appropriate contact to enable correct posture and body alignment and awareness.

Academy Timetable 

May be subject to change, but we endeavor to keep current time slots where possible.​

​Academy Resources and Choreography 

1) This includes all aspects of class work, any dances choreographed by any member, guest or student of the Academy remain the intellectual property of the Academy.              

 2) Students must ask the Director for written permission to dance any part of class work or dances outside of the Academy and are not permitted to place any specifically designed choreography on YouTube, websites or similar.

Studio Care 

There is to be no smoking in the premises, no chewing gum and no street shoes to be worn in any of the studios. The kitchen is there

for anyone’s use but please keep it tidy and clean and put dishes in the dishwasher after use. And please report any breakages.

Fire Safety 

We are fire safety wise and all students must follow the directions of the teacher if such a situation should arise.

Video and Photography 

Is not allowed in classes. We must comply with the Privacy Act 1993 regulations. The Director or Staff may at certain times

photograph or video for the Academy Website or for promotional purposes. And by filling out an enrolment form you agree to this.

Class Attendance 

1) Good attendance is beneficial for students to increase knowledge and for class development.                      

​ 2) All students should endeavor to arrive 20 minutes before their scheduled class time to thoroughly warm up their bodies ready for class to commence. ​

Pick up and drop off 

1) It is our policy that students arrive wearing adequate clothing and not just wearing class uniforms.                                                                      

 2) The student should have a dance bag, and change into your dance shoes once you arrive and then place your clothes in the bag and put it in a designated cubbyhole. 

3) The guardian should arrive before the class ends, in order to wait for their dancer to come out of class and leave together. We are very sensitive about our dancers safety and ask that everyone appreciate our feelings on arriving and leaving the studio. 


Rhythm n Steps follows the Royal Academy of Dance RAD examining system. RAD is a world wide recognized syllabus of the highest standard. We encourage each student to take part in examinations. Examination Fees are additional to Term Fees. www.rad.org.nz examinations and syllabi. Tap, Jazz and Contemporary we follow the NZAMD syllabus.​

General Rules 

The Academy will not be responsible for any items of clothing, jewellery, money, cellphones or computers that may get damaged or lost. Please leave all valuables at home and take everything with you before you leave. Please label all your dancewear and if it is left we can return it to the correct owner! 

If a child is ill and misses classes, we offer catch up classes, if there is another class for their age on another day. We do not refund classes that are not attended. If you book a private lesson and you do not attend that lesson or do not find someone else to take that time slot for you, you are charged the full amount of the private lesson. If you are away on holiday we do not offer refunds on lessons missed.​

Public Holidays

We do observe Public Holidays so no classes are taught on these days.